Planning process

If children are not designed into our cities, they are designed out. This means that they are deprived of contact with the material world, with nature, with civic life and with their own capacities.

George Monbiot, writer

An effective planning process is vital to the design of interventions that improve children’s health and mobility. The planning process proposed in this toolkit involves conducting a needs assessment; analyzing what institutional development is necessary; evaluating the most appropriate financing options; and setting up a monitoring and evaluation process to ensure success.

Steps to children’s mobility & health

Understanding your needs

The needs assessment process investigates what children in each unique context need to be healthy and mobile.

Institutional development

Robust institutions are needed to plan, design, and monitor interventions for children’s mobility.

Financing models

To fully integrate children’s health and mobility into planning, sustainable sources of funding are essential.

Monitoring & evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities are steps carried out before, during and after interventions to evaluate success.